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Have you been wondering about CBD for your Boxer? Meet ellePet from elleVet Sciences! The only CBD+CBDA proven to work in a clinical trial. The #1 veterinarian-recommended CBD+CBDA product on the market. The right CBD and CBDA products can be extremely effective and safe, and choosing the right product will give your Boxer the best possible outcome. 

Why ElleMove?

The product is for Boxers who are experiencing joint discomfort and stiffness or any kind of ongoing discomfort. There is no better product for discomfort than elleMove, and this CBD + CBDA formula has been tested in a clinical trial at Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine. Over 80% of dogs on elleMove show a dramatic improvement in mobility, happiness, and quality of life!

How do you know if your Boxer needs elleMove?

  1. Does your Boxer struggle to get up from their bed?
  2. Does your Boxer have a hard time going up the stairs?
  3. Do they isolate themselves or show less interest in toys or playfulness?
  4. Have they stopped doing some of the things they used to enjoy?

elleMove is specially dosed to help your Boxer with any kind of ongoing discomfort. It might not be age causing these issues, it might be discomfort, and we want to help your Boxer find his inner puppy! Try the peanut butter chews and get ready to play!

1 Bag of elleMove contains 31 chews

  • EllePet products are the only hemp CBD products that have been proven to work in a clinical trial. Our team knows they work, and they have the science to prove it!
  • EllePet dosing is accurate, and that is so important. Their dosing is based on science and testing, so they know precisely how much CBD our boxers need and how often to give it. Without accurate dosing, a product will not work!
  • EllePet grows the very best CBD strains and has a specific formulation that makes EllePet the highest quality product on the market.
  • Over 80% of dogs have a dramatic improvement on ElleVet!
  • The best veterinarians in the country use our products for their own dogs. There is no better recommendation than that!

Science is at the heart of EllePet's success. They love boxer dogs and are committed to making the best possible product and proving that their products work. Everything Boxer Dogs would never sell a product we didn't know worked exceptionally well! We are very impressed and proud to sell a product based on their studies and the success of completed and current clinical trials.