What Do Our Chief Boxer Officer's Eat?

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The Farmer's Dog company story: 

In 2014 our co-founder Brett was battling to solve the stomach issues of his dog, Jada. After testing every pet food on the market without success, Brett tried a fresh, home-cooked diet at his vet’s recommendation. The results were staggering - Jada was cured. Having witnessed the power of fresh food he teamed up with Jonathan to rethink the pet food industry and create the simple, healthy product they wished had existed for their own dogs (and dogs everywhere!) 

Over 200,000,000 fresh meals later, our mission remains the same: to help every dog live the longest, healthiest, most joyful life possible. That begins with what we feed them. We want to make it easier for dog owners to understand all of the food options they have, and introduce the smarter and healthier option of fresh food. Long-term, we aspire to grow into the leading, most-loved pet health and wellness brand in the world. 


  • convenience of at-home delivery
  • improvements in your boxer's health (shinier coat, fresher breath, more energy!)
  • easy transition process