The Holiday Sweatsuit Edition

We have made an exclusive holiday launch for our best seller!  You asked for a Red Sweatsuit Edition, and we answered!  

Made with our logo and customized to fit the boxer body contour, we can now say that Boxer Nation is officially ready for the holidays including the upcoming Valentine's Day  Indulge in a fun photo shoot, or prepare for the upcoming winter seasons with a soft and cozy sweatsuit for your favorite wiggle butt!  This sweatsuit will keep your Boxer warm - and is EVEN comfortable enough for zoomies!!

Don’t wait - this limited edition sweatsuit is expected to sell out fast!

Boxer sweatsuits have been used for:

✔ Cozy comfort 💤

✔ Warmth🌡

✔ Anxiety reduction 😟

✔ Style 🎽

✔ Compliments from the locals 🙌

✔ Assistance post-surgery 😷


Please refer to our sizing chart and clear guidelines on how to measure your Boxer.

Sizing Info:

30: 30 in (chest) x 22 in (back)

32: 32 in (chest) x 24 in (back)

34: 35.5 in (chest) x 26 in (back)

36: 38 in (chest) x 29 in (length)

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