2021 Boxer Mom Valentine Bundle

The 2021 BOXER MOM VALENTINE BUNDLE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING 6 ITEMS (only 7 bundles available, there will be no back-orders).


1. Limited Release Boxer Mom Hoodie $29.99 (First Seven Orders Only) FREE
  •  Black Velvet with Boxer Mom design on Front and Boxer Heart Silhouette on back in size Large and Extra Large (first come, first serve).
2. Boxer Heart Silhouette Sherpa Fleece Boxer Blanket $49.99 - NOW only $39.99
  • This portable blanket is soft, warm, smooth, and for the ultimate boxer mom. Relax in style, stay cozy, and make this a new staple in your home. Your boxer already approves, and now you can snuggle together!! ❤
3. Boxer Pink/Black/Grey Sweatsuit Edition $39.99 - NOW only $24.99
  • The same famous sweatsuit designed with our logo and customized to fit the boxer body contour, we can now say that Boxer Nation is officially ready to be your Valentine! Write a comment in the checkout of what color and size you want for your boxer.
4. One Boxer Famous Pig (Red or Pink color) $12.99 - NOW $7.99
  • The Famous Playful Buddy Pigglesworth Latex Pig Dog Toy, Colors Vary, Chew Level 1, Large 8" wide with pig squeaker and fill.
5. Boxer Embossed Cookie Cutter $9.99 - NOW only $4.99
  • Our Embossed Boxer cookie cutters are 2-3/4 inches tall, 3-1/4 inches wide, and are made of brown plastic. Cleaning instructions: hand wash, towel dry.  Buy your embossed boxer cookie cutter today! 
6. Fleece-Lined Boxer Grid Jacket $34.99 - NOW only $24.99 
  • This fleece-lined grid jacket is lined with fleece to keep our boxers warm in the colder months.  It also stays closed with velcro instead of snaps/buttons, and its size runs slightly larger (see measurements below).  The hoodie snaps on and off, which provides some versatility.  This jacket is a great fit for the boxer dog, which is why it is one of our favorites!
Savings of $45, plus a FREE BOXER MOM HOODIE ($30)! 💕 A total value of $75💕 Happy Boxer Mom Valentine's Day!

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