Boxer Raincoat

The same one-piece design as the famous sweatsuit customized to fit the boxer body contour. We can now say that Boxer Nation is officially ready for spring and summer with style and comfort on those rainy days! Indulge in a fun photo shoot, or prepare for the upcoming rainy seasons with a bright safety-inspired raincoat for your favorite wiggle butt!  This raincoat will keep your Boxer dry - and is EVEN comfortable enough for zoomies!!  

Don’t wait - this raincoat is expected to sell out fast!

Please refer to our sizing chart and clear guidelines on how to measure your Boxer. 

Boxer Raincoat

  • Yellow hooded raincoat with adjustable drawstrings
  • Form-fitted sleek design with gray accents made for the boxer body physique. Available in the same sizes as the famous sweatsuit so you know it's a great fit.
  • Leash hole with flap allows for easy access to a collar or harness without letting the rain in.
  • Two bright reflective stripes on the middle of the back pocket are designed to increase visibility for added safety during your walks.
  • Easy to keep clean by hand washing in cold water and laying flat to dry. 
  • A water-proof raincoat shields your boxer baby from the rain so you can still go out on your daily walk.
  • Quality button snap on's from the chest to their belly.
  • One piece 4 legged design with padded elastic around each leg for maximum comfort and style.

*Sizes slight different than the famous boxer sweatsuit

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