Boxer Hawaiian Shirt

This spring/summer favorite is perfect for lounging by the pool, hanging out at the beach, enjoying a backyard barbeque, or relaxing on the porch. This breathable cotton boxer shirt has a unisex Hawaiian style with detailed topical floral print. Cut and sewn to have a classic style fit, this soft woven shirt will take your boxer from backyard to beach with its effortlessly breezy summer style. Its features and design were built to be worn throughout the warmer months with durable metal circular buttons to fasten the shirt along the chest, stomach, and around the front legs.

Boxer Hawaiian Shirt

  • Material: Non-Stretchy Form Fitting Cotton 
  • Season:  Spring/Summer
  • Pattern: Tropical Floral Print
  • Applicable Breed:  Medium Large Dog
  • Size: 29,33 and 36 (see sizing information below)
  • Style Feature:  One Piece Button Up T-shirt  (top button unbuttoned if desired)

Sizing Info:

Size 29: 28 in (chest) x 22 in (back) 

Size 33: 32 in (chest) x 25 in (back)

Size 35:  35 in (chest) x 28 in (back)


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