Boxer Camo Mesh Tank Tops

These high-quality camouflage mesh fabric tank tops are lightweight and made for the boxer physique.  The cool and comfortable polyester is perfect for the warmer months, and super easy to put on and take off. Camouflage never goes out of style and your boxer will be the coolest dog on the block! Whether your boxers rock the purple, orange, green, red, or blue these will be a spring and summer staple.

Please refer to our sizing chart and clear guidelines on how to measure your Boxer.


Purple Camo

Green Camo

Orange Camo

Blue Camo

Red Camo

Sizing Info:

30: 30 in (chest) x 22 in (back)

32: 32 in (chest) x 24 in (back)

34: 35.5 in (chest) x 26 in (back)

36: 38 in (chest) x 29 in (length)

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