Bathe and Spray Bundle

The tough decision is likely choosing where you want to give your Boxer a bath. Then you only need to pick the shampoo and conditioner. The rest, we have our Boxer families covered with our bathe and spray bundle. This three-pack is perfect for the spring and summer months whether you are heading to the beach, dog park, hiking, joyride, giving a standard bath, or just about anywhere you need to dry a wet Boxer!

Dirty Dog Shammy

  • Made from a super-soft, super-absorbent microfiber material that soaks up to 8X its weight in water. Features 50% more Advanced Microfiber Technology strands per inch than the competition.
  • Fast! Dries your Boxer 8X faster than the ordinary cotton towel. It's even faster than using a hairdryer...without the uncomfortable heat.
  • Soft! Plush and velvety soft, you can see and feel the difference.
  • Easy! The dual hand pockets with elastic allow for a better grip while drying.
  • Machine washable.

Bamboo Groom Soft Slicker Brush with Comfort Tips

  • This soft slicker brush has angled pins that get into the undercoat to gently remove loose hair.
  • Made with sustainable durable bamboo material
  • This brush helps reduce shedding and leaves your Boxer's coat smooth and shiny
  • Handmade built and sturdy

Baby Fresh Dog Spray

  • Europe's favorite dog cologne that gives every Boxer that sweet pleasant familiar Baby Powder smell
  • Contains chamomile extracts to soothe skin
  • Long-lasting and only needs a few squirts at a time
  • Brillant to freshen up your Boxers between and after baths
  • Helps mask any not to nice Boxer odors







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